Anchored in the present, my work embraces the ways in which technological advances have transformed our perception of nature. Galileo gave us our first glimpse of what the vastness of space might look like without an earth-bound frame when he turned his telescope to the night sky in 1609. Modern images flashed back to us from satellites and space missions have brought the mysteries of the unknowable and infinite both closer and deeper than ever, revealing images that are inflected with astonishing beauty and surprising danger.

These stellarspheres, completely freed from our terrestrial horizon, are the bedrock of my work. The images are at once utterly specific and remarkably abstract. They are riveting in what they reveal yet provocative in what they conceal. They imply and question and ultimately transport.

My current work is an exploration of elegant and sometimes menacing views of the cosmos. Here, formal motifs transit to psychological parallels. Light becomes a meditation on the nature of illumination.

Space is both haptic and philosophical.

Scale, both physically and psychologically, extends from the grand to the cloistered, from the macroscopic to the microscopic, both releasing and ensnaring. Color embodies the metaphorical, morphs into the psychological—tracing through atmosphere in indeterminate loops.

These paintings speak to our fragility as well as to our persistence in enduring. They are meant to challenge our ideas about beauty and the sublime. They are invitations to re-frame, expand, and refine our perceptions by encouraging a consideration of continuity among disparate phenomena — a bid to wonder.